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Slate is a unique stone which is used in both the interiors and exteriors of homes in the Austin area. Because of its high porosity, the sealing of slate is very important. 

Imagine your dull, unattractive slate floor restored to its classy, rustic texture and dark, earthy tones.

Slate Repair and Restoration

Transform Your Slate Floor into a Gorgeous Rustic Masterpiece!

Slate enhancing, stripping, cleaning, and sealing services


Cleaning and Restoration

Our team of professionals can reveal the natural beauty of your slate floors and surfaces. We utilize specialized techniques to rid them of buildup, dirt, and contaminants. Trust us to remove soap residue and waxes to reveal their true charm and inherent colors.



Santa Fe Floor Care provides professional slate surface repair. Our experienced team can quickly resolve issues such as cracks, chips, scratches or other damages, often without the need for replacement. We also offer deep-cleaning, sealing, and repair services to take care of any grout problems you may have. Trust us to bring your slate surfaces back to their original beauty.


Sealing and Protecting

Although most varieties of slate are highly water-resistant, it may be beneficial to seal them for added protection. Color-enhancing sealers and coatings are available for those who wish to bring out the natural vibrancy in their slate surfaces. Moreover, applying a sealer can offer additional support against weather conditions and staining agents for slate types that are less waterproof.


What You Should Know

At Santa Fe Floor Care, we pride ourselves on providing professional guidance on the daily maintenance of your floors. We offer expert recommendations for safe cleaning products suited specifically for marble care. Additionally, we offer a reliable, on-request maintenance program to keep your floors looking their best.

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