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Travertine cleaning and sealing

Travertine Cleaning and Sealing

This Austin Texas home located in the hills of West Lake was a fun little challenge for us. The owners were new to the area and recently moved in to the upscale home with Travertine floors. It was clear from the get go that there was an immense amount of soil left over from the previous owner. It was especially evident where a rug once covered part of the dining room floor.

The challenge was to remove the soil from the tiles so that the travertine would not show an obvious transition from clean to dirty tiles all while preserving the natural look of a high hone finish. Luckily for us we came well equipped with the right tools. First we cleaned the outer tiles as well as the outer perimeter of the of where the rug once laid with a circular stiff brush along with a stone safe alkaline solution. next we repeated the process in the entire room but this time we cleaned the floor with a circular diamond embedded honing pad which helped keep the finish consistent throughout the room. The next step in our process is to seal the floors using a water based impregnating stone sealer and then buff out any remaining water marks.