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Bringing Back the Shine: How We Made a Lakeway Travertine Floor Sparkle Again

Imagine walking into a room and being greeted by a gleaming travertine floor that looks like new. That’s exactly what we achieved for one of our clients in Lakeway, Texas. Their travertine floor had seen better days, with marks and scratches dulling its once stunning appearance. But with our expertise at Santa Fe Floor Care, we were able to restore its natural beauty.

Understanding the Problem

The travertine floor in our client’s home had lost its shine due to years of use. It was covered in marks and scratches, making it look worn out and tired.

Getting Started

The first step was to clean the floor thoroughly. We used special cleaners and hot water extraction to remove all the dirt and grime that had built up over time. This step was crucial to ensure that the surface was ready for restoration.

Making it Shine Again

To tackle the marks and scratches, we used honing pads embedded with diamonds. These pads gently buffed away imperfections without damaging the travertine. Once the surface was smooth again, we applied a stone polish to give it a glossy finish that brought out its natural beauty.

Protecting the Results

To keep the floor looking its best for years to come, we applied a sealer. This sealer creates a protective barrier that prevents stains and spills from penetrating the surface, making maintenance a breeze.


Our client was thrilled with the results. Their travertine floor looked brand new again, adding a touch of elegance to their home. If you have a similar problem with your floors, don’t hesitate to contact us at Santa Fe Floor Care. We have the expertise and tools to bring back the shine to any surface.

Furthermore, our services extend beyond travertine floors. Whether you have hardwood, marble, or any other type of flooring, we can help keep it looking its best. So why settle for dull floors when you can have floors that sparkle? Get in touch with Santa Fe Floor Care today and see the difference for yourself.

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