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Title: Restoring Elegance: Polishing Marble Shower Walls with Santa Fe Floor Care

In the heart of Austin, Texas, a distressed homeowner reached out to Santa Fe Floor Care seeking a remedy for their dark marble shower. The issue? Cloudiness and discoloration caused by the aftermath of ill-suited, over-the-counter cleaning products. Upon inspection, we discovered chalky drip marks marring the once-lustrous surface—a consequence of the acidic nature of the cleaning agent.

Marble Woes and Restoration Know-How

At Santa Fe Floor Care, we’ve encountered this scenario countless times, and our expertise in marble restoration assured the homeowner that their shower could regain its lost polish.

Our Approach: Precision and Expertise

Utilizing a meticulous process, we employed flexible resin diamond pads and diamond-embedded honing pads to delicately remove a thin layer of the marble surface. Iterating through this technique with increasingly finer grit diamonds, we meticulously restored the marble to its original smoothness. The next step involved the application of polishing powders, transforming the surface into highly reflective shower walls that the homeowner could delight in.

Protection for the Future

Recognizing the importance of longevity, we applied a water-based impregnating sealer as the final touch. This not only enhanced the sheen but also served as a protective shield against potential future staining.

Why Choose Santa Fe Floor Care?

In addition to our specialized marble restoration expertise, we take pride in our client-centric approach. Understanding the unique challenges posed by various cleaning products, we tailor our solutions for optimal results.

Therefore, when faced with marble surfaces left lackluster by acidic cleaners, choose Santa Fe Floor Care for a transformation that goes beyond the surface.


At Santa Fe Floor Care, we don’t just clean; we restore, revitalize, and protect. Trust us to bring back the elegance of your marble shower walls, ensuring a lasting shine that stands up to the test of time.

Do you have a marble shower wall that needs to be restored to like new? Reach out to us. At Santa Fe Floor Care, we invite you to check our credentials to see for yourself why we are Austin, TX’s preferred and trusted stone restoration company. CONTACT FORM or call (512) 632-1621 today for a FREE estimate.

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