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In the heart of West Lake Hills, Austin, Texas, Santa Fe Floor Care recently undertook a remarkable marble restoration project that left our client delighted with the transformation. We took a severely etched and muddled marble vanity and turned it into a stunning, like-new masterpiece with a highly polished and crisp reflective finish. Our method? The meticulous process of honing and polishing, executed with precision and expertise.

Honing: Resurfacing with Diamond Precision

To achieve the remarkable transformation, we started with the honing process. Using diamond-embedded honing pads, we meticulously resurfaced the marble by going over it multiple times, each pass with a higher grit. This method not only addresses the visible etching and dullness but also brings out the natural beauty of the stone. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the detailed approach we take during the honing phase, ensuring that every inch of the surface receives the attention it deserves.

Polishing: Bringing Out the Brilliance

After the honing process, the next crucial step is polishing. We utilized a professional-grade calcite stone polish to bring out the inherent brilliance of the marble. The result? A surface that not only reflects light with crisp clarity but also boasts a mirror-like finish. Our dedication to using top-tier products and techniques ensures that the polished surface remains resilient and captivating for years to come.

Expertise That Shines Through:

At Santa Fe Floor Care, we understand the nuances of floor and surface care, especially when it comes to marble restoration. Our skilled technicians not only transformed a worn-out vanity but also enhanced its aesthetic appeal, making it a focal point in the client’s space.

In addition to the honing and polishing methods, we pride ourselves on employing the latest technologies and industry best practices. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project we undertake, ensuring that our clients receive nothing short of the best in floor and surface care services.


In West Lake Hills, Austin, our marble restoration expertise shone through, leaving a delighted client with a vanity that looks brand new. From the meticulous honing process to the professional-grade polishing, Santa Fe Floor Care’s commitment to quality and expertise is unmatched. Trust us to transform your surfaces and bring out the true beauty of your spaces.

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