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Bringing Back the Shine: Fixing Stains on a Limestone Pool in Lakeway, Texas

Picture this: a frustrated homeowner in Lakeway, Texas, contacted Santa Fe Floor Care after spending a hefty $3000 on a power-washing service that couldn’t get rid of black stains and green algae on her limestone patio and pool area. Turns out, power-washing can make things worse for limestone. But fear not, we came to the rescue with a plan tailored to fix the mess.

Spotting the Problem

Our inspection revealed black stains and annoying green algae ruining the limestone. The homeowner was upset because a previous power-washing attempt had actually made things worse by creating openings for bacteria.

Our Game Plan

After taking measurements and giving a clear price quote, we mapped out a step-by-step plan. Our goal? Not just a quick clean-up but a lasting, good-looking result.

Our Cleanup Steps

Step 1: Fighting Stains with Antimicrobial Power

We started by soaking the stained spots with a strong antimicrobial mix, working to break down those stubborn stains. Even at this stage, things were looking up.

Step 2: Gently Scrubbing Away the Gunk

Using a safe alkaline solution and a soft brush, we carefully scrubbed away the dirt and bacteria without harming the limestone.

Step 3: Getting Rid of the Gunk

Our heavy-duty machine sucked up the dirty stuff, leaving the limestone looking way better. After some extra detailed work, the homeowner was amazed, saying it looked almost like it did ten years ago.

Step 4: Adding a Shield for the Future

To wrap it up, we coated the limestone with a tough sealer, like a shield against future stains.

Learning for the Long Run

Before leaving, we shared tips on how to keep their limestone looking great. We believe in not just fixing the problem but making sure you know how to keep things in top shape.

In a nutshell, our tailored approach not only fixed the immediate issue but also left the homeowners with the knowledge to keep their limestone looking fantastic for years. At Santa Fe Floor Care, we’re all about practical solutions that make surfaces shine.


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