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Limestone Etch Repair

Limestone Etching

Chemical etching on a limestone floor occurs when the surface of the limestone undergoes a chemical reaction with acidic substances. Limestone is a natural sedimentary rock primarily composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which is sensitive to acidic compounds. When acids come into contact with the limestone, they react with the calcium carbonate, causing it to dissolve and creating visible damage known as etching. This bathroom floor located in downtown Austin Texas became severely damaged after being cleaned with a acidic floor cleaner by an inexperienced cleaning company.

Limestone Etching Repair

In this case the etching was extremely deep. We had to use our most aggressive diamond embedded honing pads to to ensure all the damaged stone was removed from the surface. After honing away the damaged limestone from the surface it was time to restore the finish, this process is done by performing multiple passes with progressively higher grit honing pads in order to achieve the correct finish. Once the finish has been restored a impregnating stone sealer is applied to the floor to help protect against future staining.

The professionals working at Santa Fe Floor Care are the most experienced and highest trained in stone restoration throughout the Austin area. This process of honing is most commonly performed as specialized maintenance  in house holds with stone floors such as travertine, limestone, marble and terrazzo. Over time stone floors can become scuffed, scratched and dulled by day to day use and Santa Fe Floor Care will restore your stone floors back to like new condition.

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