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Travertine Restoration: Santa Fe Floor Care’s Expert Stone Care in Lakeway, Texas

In Lakeway, Texas, we took on a special project at Santa Fe Floor Care – restoring a 20-year-old travertine floor. It was quite a challenge, but our team worked hard to make the old floor look fantastic again.

Getting Deep-Cleaned and Washed

First things first, we gave the floor a good clean. We used a special cleaner and hot water to get rid of all the dirt that had built up over the years. This helped bring back the original shine of the travertine.

Smoothing Things Out with Diamond Pads

After the cleaning, we wanted to make sure the floor was super smooth. So, we used special pads with tiny diamonds to get rid of any scratches or rough spots. We did this a few times, each time using pads with a higher level of grit. It’s like giving the floor a spa day!

Adding Some Sparkle with Polish

Once the floor was smooth, we added a special polish made from calcite stone. This not only made the floor shine but also brought out its natural beauty. It was like giving it a makeover and making it look brand new.

Keeping it Protected

To make sure the floor stays beautiful, we sealed it with a water-based sealer. This helps protect it from getting damaged and keeps it looking great for a long time.

Choosing Santa Fe Floor Care means choosing a team that cares about making your floors look amazing. We don’t just clean – we bring life back to your spaces.

Why Pick Santa Fe Floor Care?

Our success comes from not just cleaning floors but making them look fantastic. Whether it’s an old travertine floor or a newer one, Santa Fe Floor Care is here to make your floors shine. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a service – you’re getting a team that knows how to take care of your floors and make them look their best. Experience the difference with Santa Fe Floor Care, where every floor gets a special touch of care and expertise.

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