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Renewing Travertine Countertops: A Lakeway, Texas Transformation

Introduction: Explore how Santa Fe Floor Care revived travertine countertops in Lakeway. Follow our journey of honing, polishing, and sealing.

Honing and Polishing: Restoring Brilliance In Lakeway, we tackled dull travertine. Using diamond-

embedded honing pads, we smoothed away imperfections, creating a uniform surface. Transitioning seamlessly, polishing revealed travertine’s true brilliance.

Specialty Stone Polish: Revealing Natural Beauty With care, we applied a specialized polish, unveiling the stone’s inherent beauty. The once dull surface now radiated with brilliance. However, our quest for perfection continued.

Cleaning and Sealing: Ensuring Longevity Meticulously cleaning the countertops, we then applied a protective stone sealer, fortifying against future damage.

Conclusion: In Lakeway, Santa Fe Floor Care’s expertise shines. Our refinishing process transforms dull travertine into stunning focal points. Trust us for all your floor and surface care needs.

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