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Etched Marble Countertop Refinished-Austin Texas

Turning Troublesome Etch Marks into Marble Magic: A Homeowner’s Tale

Dealing with Dull Spots on a Brand-New Marble Countertop

Picture this: A homeowner in Westlake, Texas gives Santa Fe Floor Care a call, worried sick about strange marks ruining her one-year-old marble countertop. She spilled the beans—three kids, a love for cooking, and lots of entertaining. The culprit? Acidic cooking products wreaking havoc on her precious marble.

A Fix for the Long Haul

Understanding the need for a lasting solution, we had a plan. We suggested a makeover from a shiny finish to a more subdued one. Why? So, when the inevitable etching happens again, it won’t be as noticeable, and the countertop will keep looking good.

Step-by-Step Magic

Here’s how we did it:

1. Keeping Things Clean

We covered up everything around the countertop with protective plastic. Less mess to deal with later.

2. Wet Sanding Wonders

We used some fancy tools—a grinder and special diamond pads—to do a wet sanding that’s dust-free. Repeat a few times to get rid of that pesky polish.

3. The Final Touch

To get that nice, not-too-shiny look, we used a soft diamond pad for one last pass. Smooth, sleek, and ready to impress.

4. Sealing the Deal

Finished it off by giving the marble a good soaking with a top-notch sealer. Think of it as armor for your countertop against future damage.

Knowledge is Power

We didn’t stop there. Before saying our goodbyes, we shared some tips on how to take care of the countertop and which cleaners to use. Knowledge is key to keeping that countertop looking fabulous.

In a nutshell, we at Santa Fe Floor Care aren’t just about fixing problems—we’re about finding solutions that stick around. We turn marble nightmares into something straight out of a dream.

And that’s not all. We make sure you know the ropes to keep your countertops looking spick and span. Because a little care goes a long way.

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