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Etched Marble Countertop Refinished to a Honed Look

Client Situation

The homeowner had marble countertops in their kitchen that were damaged by stains and etching from acidic substances. The marble had lost its luster and looked worn-out due to the etch marks. The ruined finish made the kitchen look old and unattractive.

Our Solution

Our experts restored the marble countertops by erasing the damage and refinishing the surface to a uniform, honed finish. Here’s what we did:

  1. We carefully masked and protected the surrounding areas to prevent any damage to the floor or cabinetry.
  2. Honing: Using special equipment with diamond abrasives, we smoothed the marble surface to get rid of the etch marks and damage.
  3. Polishing: We then polished the marble to a smooth, matte look.
  4. Sealing: To protect the marble, we then applied a professional grade sealant to inhibit staining.

The marble countertops were transformed. The etch marks were gone, and the countertops looked fresh with the new honed finish. The homeowner was ecstatic with how the kitchen now appeared. Changing to a honed finish made the countertops look new again.

The great thing about natural stone is that it is repairable and restorable.
What is an etch mark on marble?

An etch mark happens when an acidic substance like vinegar, lemon juice, or cleaning products  comes in contact with a marble surface. It eats away the finish and leaves a dull, rough, sometimes whitish spot behind. Quite frequently, these marks are mistaken for water spots. However, the process of “etching” on natural stone is actually a chemical reaction that happens between the surface of the stone and an acidic substance. Etch marks are more visible on polished marble than on honed marble.

Can etch marks be removed?

The great thing about natural stone is that it is repairable and restorable. At Santa Fe Floor Care, our technicians are experts at removing etch marks from marble surfaces. We will clean the surface so we can accurately determine the scope of work, whether it’s simple and we only need some polishing powder and elbow grease or if the etching is more severe, we may need to break out some heavier equipment.  After we have finished, we will recommend that you seal your tops, to counteract any unsealed surfaces we may have created during our process. Sealing itself does not prevent etching but it does help prevent staining. You just got your countertops looking brand new, why run the risk of staining?

If your natural stone countertops have etching or other damage, please CONTACT US and let us help you. You can give us a call at 512-632-1621 or fill out the form on our contact us page on our website.