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Commercial Travertine Floor Restored

Transforming Worn-Out Floors: Santa Fe Floor Care’s Restoration Journey

Getting Started

In downtown Austin, a tall building was dealing with beat-up travertine floors in the common area. The floors had lost their shine, got holes, and gathered a lot of dirt. That’s when Santa Fe Floor Care stepped in, armed with top-notch tools and skills to fix things up.

Step-by-Step Fix-Up

Cleaning Things Up

First, we used a special machine to clean up all the dirt on the surface. Think of it as giving the floor a fresh start.

Patching Up Holes

Next, we tackled the holes and cracks. We filled them up with a glue that matched the color of the stone tiles. This made everything look smooth and put-together again.

Bringing Back the Shine

To make the stone floors shiny again, we used special pads with tiny diamonds. After going over the floor four times, we polished it with a special stone product. The result? A beautiful, reflective finish that made the travertine look brand new.

How Big and How Long?

This whole job covered around 3500 square feet and took us five days. We made sure not to take up too much space at once, working in small sections to keep things convenient for everyone.

Why Choose Santa Fe Floor Care?

At Santa Fe Floor Care, we don’t just fix surfaces – we make them look amazing. Our top-notch tools and skills ensure your floors don’t just look good today but stay beautiful for a long time.

We get that your floors are a big deal. They’re an investment, and they need to look great. So, if your travertine floors need some love, reach out to Santa Fe Floor Care. We’re the experts in making your floors shine and keeping them that way.

So, why settle for floors that look tired? Choose Santa Fe Floor Care for a makeover that goes beyond what you’d expect. Let us show you how our skills can make your floors stand out – bright, shiny, and looking like new.

Get in touch with Santa Fe Floor Care now, and let’s make your floors look fantastic again!

Does your home or place of business have travertines floors that need to be repaired and restored to like new? Reach out to us. At Santa Fe Floor Care, we invite you to check our credentials to see for yourself why we are Austin, TX’s preferred and trusted stone restoration company. CONTACT FORM or call (512) 632-1621 today for a FREE estimate.

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