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Austin Carpet Stretching Before and After

Renew Your Home with Expert Carpet Stretching and Cleaning in Austin

Are your carpets looking wrinkled and dirty? At Santa Fe Floor Care, we get it. We recently tackled a tough carpet job in Austin that shows how committed we are to making your carpets look great again.

Fixing Wrinkled Carpets: How We Did It

In Austin, we found a carpet with lots of wrinkles. They made the room and hallway look messy. To fix it, we had to do some careful stretching.

Careful Cutting: We cut a seam in the doorway so we could smooth out the wrinkles properly. It took some careful work, but we made sure everything looked seamless in the end.

Thorough Stretching: We worked hard to stretch the carpet out nicely. Our team made sure it looked smooth and tidy, so it would last a long time.

Getting Rid of Dirt: Steam Cleaning for a Fresh Finish

We didn’t stop at just fixing the wrinkles. We knew the carpet needed a good clean too.

Deep Cleaning: Our steam cleaning machine got deep into the carpet to get rid of dirt and dust. It left the carpet looking clean and smelling fresh.

Amazing Results: Our hard work paid off. The wrinkles were gone, and the carpet looked brand new. It made the room feel so much nicer.

Choose Santa Fe Floor Care for Quality Results

At Santa Fe Floor Care, we’re all about making your home look its best. Whether you have wrinkled carpets, stains, or just general messiness, we’re here to help.

To Sum Up: If your carpets need some love, give Santa Fe Floor Care a call. We’ll make them look great again, so you can enjoy a clean, fresh home.

With Santa Fe Floor Care, you can trust us to take care of your carpets. Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to a cleaner, happier home.

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