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Marble – Polished to Like New!

Polishing Marble

Polishing Marble Shower Wall

A residential client in Austin, Texas called us explaining that their dark marble shower was left cloudy and discolored from over-the-counter cleaning products. When we arrived at their house, the marble shower was dull and lifeless with chalky drip marks throughout the surface. We concluded that the type of cleaning product that was used was acidic and was not formulated to be used on stone.  We have seen this situation many times, and we were confident that we could restore the polish to this marble shower.

Our Marble restoration process

We used both flexible resin diamond pads and diamond-embedded honing pads to hone away a thin layer of the marble surface. We repeated this process several times with finer grit diamonds until the marble surface was once again smooth and ready to take on a shine. Using polishing powders, we were able to achieve highly reflective shower walls for the client to enjoy. As a final step, we applied a water-based impregnating sealer to help protect the stone from future staining.