Santa Fe Floor Care


Limestone driveway


Tire stained limestone driveway

This limestone was part of an Austin Texas residential driveway. The home owner mentioned that she had never been able to get it cleaned. Upon further inspection we saw that the stone had become darkened by vehicle traffic down the driveway in addition to typical soiling. The limestone also was green from a bacterial growth in the pores of the stone.

Our cleaning process

First, we vacuumed the area to remove the loose soil from the surface. Then we applied an alkaline cleaner to emulsify the soil. The next step was to agitate the surface to further emulsify the soil.  Upon inspection, we could see that the soil was only partially suspended, so we used an acidic  cleaner to finish the job. Once all the soil was loosened, we rinsed the limestone with our truck-mounted water extraction system.  After the surface dried,  we were able to see a drastic change to the limestone.  To keep the appearance looking good for as long as possible, we applied a heavy-duty exterior stone sealer.