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Limestone Patio Cleaning and Sealing

Limestone Patio

The benefits of getting your limestone patio cleaned and sealed

Enhance the allure of your limestone patio in Austin, Texas, with our professional cleaning and sealing services. Our expert team will remove stubborn stains, dirt, and grime, while providing long-lasting protection against moisture and UV damage, ensuring a stunning and durable patio that will impress your guests and stand the test of time. Our process of cleaning does not include power washers or over-the-top methods that can damage and erode the surface of your stone.

Our Process

Step 1. Pre-treat bacterial buildup and dark stubborn areas with antimicrobial spray.

step 2. Use a soft bristled electric rotary scrubber along with a stone-safe alkaline cleaner to gently agitate the surface of the stone.

Step 3. Use our hot water extraction method to rinse and extract the stone surface.

Step 4. Seal the stone with a solvent-based sealer to help protect the longevity of the stone from surface staining and UV damage.