Santa Fe Floor Care


Cleaning travertine tile and grout


Typical Maintenance of Travertine

Approximately 80% of the residential stone floors here in Austin Texas are travertine. From time to time they will need professional maintenance due to wear and tear or improper use of cleaners, etc. In this case, the home owner was using a high alkaline multipurpose cleaner. If the cleaner is not rinsed off 100% it will leave a residue, and attract additional soil as seen in these pictures. Notice the darkness of the grout lines in the before picture.

Our Process

  1. dry vacuum floor removing any loose soil.
  2. apply our cleaner which emulsifies the soil.
  3. agitate the grout lines with stiff brushes, then agitate the tiles with floor machine, further emulsifying soil.
  4. rinse with truck mounted hot water extraction.
  5. dry the floor.
  6. seal with impregnating sealer.

Educating the Home Owner

Educating the home owner in regard to day to day maintenance is the most important aspect of our whole process, to insure that our work is not undone. We typically recommend a cleaner, where to get it, and how to use it.