New construction grout sealing

Freshly laid tile

A Georgetown, Texas resident just moved into this newly constructed home with freshly installed tile and he wanted to get the most out of his purchase. After speaking with a local flooring store, they learned the best treatment for preventative care would be to have the grout sealed. After speaking with the client on the phone we (Santa Fe Floor Care) learned that the client had a very tight window between the time they closed on the house and the time their furniture would arrive from out of town. We were able to schedule the client two weeks in advance so that we could come on the precise day between closing on the property and the move in date.

Our process

First thing we did was measure the entire area of tile including all the backsplashes. Then we sat down with the client to show all dimension and the cost per square foot. We (Santa Fe Floor Care) used professional grade grout applicators to insure that all the grout lines would receive a hardy dose of a water-based impregnating sealer. After the work was complete we consulted the customer on how to properly care for his tile in the future and provided a list of safe neutral cleaners that are available to consumers at local stores. The client was super pleased with our work and extra happy that we were able to work with his schedule so that he could have the work done before the movers showed up.