Clean and seal slate

We were contacted by an Austin, Texas resident to see if we could help out with her slate floor in her downtown condo. Over time the slate had lost its color and was looking warn and dull.

Initially, we applied a specialty cleaning solution to the areas with the chalky lime build up. Theis cleaner is designed to dissolve any calcium or lime buildup on the surface of the slate. Next, we saturated the entire area with an alkaline solution to help clean the slate of soils or residue.  We then agitated the surface and the grout lines with a stiff bristled spinning electric brush. The slate was then rinsed with fresh water from our truck-mounted machine.

After the slate has dried, it was time to apply the sealer. We applied thin coats of color-enhancing sealer to the slate, revealing the natural colors of the slate and a much richer and vibrant appearance.

Do your natural stone floors need some freshening up?  If you are in the Austin TX area, reach out to us. Give us a call at (512) 632-1621