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Dull terrazzo floor


These floors were about to be replaced.

We were asked to look at an older terrazzo floor in central Austin that had gotten worn and dark over years of traffic and improper cleaning agents. The homeowner hoped to bring back the brighter white and polished look that the floor had decades earlier. One of the main concerns was a very noticeable outline where a rug laid on the floor. Years of soiling made the traffic areas gray while the area under the rug remained nearly white.

We opted to use a process we often use for residential projects, one that limits the number of honing passes, the amount of time spent, and the cost of doing so – still yielding beautiful results.

Using a combination of rigid diamond abrasives and flexible diamond impregnated pads, the floor’s original brightness returned. Polishing brought back a striking shine that the floor hadn’t been seen in 50 years.

The homeowner was extremely happy with the results! With proper maintenance guidelines that we explained, this floor should remain beautiful for many more years.

Client Reviews

“I have used this company for several years, in two homes, both for carpet/floor problems and carpet cleaning. The reason I keep calling them is they do great work for a fair price. I do not hesitate to recommend them for ANY flooring need!”
John, Pflugerville
“We messed up our marble and travertine with resulting rings that looked terrible. Brian came out and by the end of the hour you couldn't even tell where they were. Thank you so much for bringing our beautiful finishes back!"
Cindy, Lakeway
“I'm in the real estate and remodeling business so I have worked with other vendors. These guys were here all day working on my stone counters and achieved excellent results at a fair price.”
Thomas, Austin